Monday, July 13, 2015

UNIF Choke Boot review

Though not as soon as I would've liked. I guess I just wanted a bit more idle time- as much as I want company, I enjoy the quiet moments of summer. I watched all of Steven Universe, Orange is the New Black, Samurai Champloo, I've got one more episode of Penny Dreadful... I've been a busy lady!
ANYWAY- Gonna jump right into it-
I got my hands on the Choke boots back in early February, to appeal to my interest in 90s looks. Though I was born in '91 and not a part of the heyday of 90s teen/ young adult fashion, one of my cousins was a teenager at that time, and her style definitely had an influence me.

LINK to UNIF's site

With these boots, you're working with a 2"platform, 5" heel. A comfortable toe-to-heel height difference, I think.
The've got the slim boot shaft, and chunky heel, definitely something you'd find in some 90s era, high school set movie.
Platform is made out of the same foam material as the Downer boots, same as Demonia. Makes for a less weighty step. Looking at you T.U.K creepers. As I said before, though, they are prone to get damaged easily. Any slight rub, scrape, poke, etc. will be apparent.

Zipper detail- no flaws in stitching.

Workman's boot tread, also like the Downer boots.

Different leather interior (as opposed to fuzzy interior seen in Trench boots).


So UNIF's site says they run 1/2 size small, and they recommend sizing up one size. You all know my standard UNIF size is 5, so I went ahead and got the size 6 after talking to a friend about hers and if she sized up. The top of my thumb is where the end of my big toe is.
Could I have gotten a 5?? Maybe?? I think so...
And I've got space in the front in my 5s.
 And despite having that extra space, my toes hurt after wearing them for the first time out to see Alestorm. I ended up driving my group of friends back home barefoot.  This is where I'm unsure whether the 5s would've actually been better, because my toes would probably be worse.
You know what really makes a difference is toenail length, though. I personally have to cut my toenails before I run because they legitimately mess me up, especially after my feet have swollen up. That's how I ended up losing my second toenail recently (end of last year??). My second toes are longer than my big toes, so after running 3 miles and doing some running/ leg drills, my toe was HURTING. A few days later it started showing the bruise, turned black, and after a few months (6-7mo) it fell off.

The next time I wore them out, I had no problems, but that's cause I wasn't standing for hours. Just a matter of breaking them in, as with all leather shoes.

Box included this giant logo sticker. The first time I saw it I was driving home from school in Long Beach on the 405 and I saw it on the rear window of a truck. My immediate reaction was "AW MAN, HOW DID THEY GET THAT BIG STICKER?!"
Now I've got to figure out where I'll put mine.

Also got this wee silver necklace. They had been running a promo that you get one free with your order, but had limited quantities. I assumed it was over/ out of stock, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it inside as well.

Lastly, here's the "on the feet" photos

That's all- hope this was informative for some!
Thank's for reading!


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