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Ensiferum · Korpiklaani · Trollfest - 5/6/15

May 6th I went with a friend and saw the kick-off show of Ensiferum's One Man Army tour with Korpiklaani and Trollfest. Let me tell you, the build up to this show was so intense. I was bum rushing painting so that I could get, for the most part, almost finished to bring in my pieces to my final the next night. In itself, just going was a huge relief. I just felt like: 'My cause for stress is gone, it's the end semester, no more working, NO MORE PAINTING- I'm ready to go let it all out and have a good time!' And I did! It was awesome, and I really couldn't have asked for better timing. 

So, in waiting for my friend to get out of work, by the time we got to Hollywood, we pretty much missed Trollfest entirely. At least we've both seen them before, but it would've been fun to see them perform (Britney Spears') Toxic, which apparently they played (I found a setlist). I only saw about a third of Solskinnsmedisin, and Helvetes Hunden Garm (last two songs). 8p

BE WARNED- Lots of photos- I tried to lessen the amount, but I just couldn't get rid of any more. I feel so attached to all of them!

Kaptein Kaos
Die Grosse Echsen
Ave Maria
Böse Tivoli
Helvetes Hunden Garm

Viinamäen Mies
Journey Man
Pilli On Pajusta Tehty
Petoelainmen Kuola
Sumussa hämärän aamun
Minä Näin Vedessä Neidon
Kylästä Keväinen Kehto
Wooden Pints

By the time Ensiferum got on stage, I pretty much was in the front row. I said on Facebook everyone should call me the master of getting to the front row. What's great is that I do this without touching people, pushing, pulling, etc. I just gradually inch forward and get to the front eventually. You'd be surprised how much having boobs helps. And not like people get out of your way because you have them, but they move because it makes them uncomfortable. My friend who I went with was saying how some girl was on him, and that he moved out of the way because of that reason, and I was like YEAH, I'VE NOTICED HOW THAT WORKS. LOL
I MEAN- you get squished into people, what can you do about it?! HAHAHAHA
Anyway, with the progression of pictures you can almost track my movement. End of show time I was legitimately in front, but for the most part I was in front because I was saving a spot for a guy in front of me. After he came back I was like "You're back!!" and the he left again and didn't come back at encore. 

It might've been before or during Unsung Heros that Sami's bass strap broke. A couple of roadies were immediately on it, but it didn't get fixed until in between songs. In the meantime Sami was having to hold the weight with his left hand and holding on to the strings with his right. I was thinking the strings might break from the stress, but fortunately there was no more trouble.
In between songs when they were finishing, he called them the true unsung heros.
And it's true! Roadies do as much work, and yet they're still very much under appreciated.
Reminds me of what I said after I saw William Control recently- "Support your bassists and your drummers!" People often overlook their roles in favor the guitar(ists) and vocal(ists).
Even Sami said something during the show like: 'Markus gets all the girls cause he's the lead guitarist. I don't get any cause I'm just the bassist'.
So there you go! Let people know how much you appreciate them! *end life advice lesson*

At the start of the encore Netta Skog(ex. Turisas- filling in on accordion for Emmi who couldn't make the tour) came back on stage with a police cap and aviator sunglasses, talked for a bit and reintroduced the band in their new roles playing different instruments for a cover of Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law". Netta was on vocals, Petri on bass, Janne on guitar, Markus on drums, and Sami came on stage last on accordion. Pretty fun!!

After the song was over, they switched back to their usual instruments. 

I'd like to think everyone in the crowd definitely warmed up/ loved Netta by the end of the night, despite the absence of Emmi. I definitely did- I think pretty much the entire time she was in front of me I spent staring at her thighs cause you could her muscle definition like DAMN. And I wished my legs were like that. lol
THAT, AND, she has such a great stage presence- she's so happy and all smiles and that just made her really fun to watch. You couldn't help but smile too! 

Paper airplane setlist!!


Axe of Judgment
Heathen Horde
Into Battle
Little Dreamer (Väinämöinen, Part II)
Warrior Without a War
Smoking Ruins
Two of Spades
Unsung Heros
Burning Leaves
One Man Army
Victory Song
Breaking the Law (Judas Priest cover)
From Afar
Token of Time
My look- I straightened my hair, wore a crop top, some black skinnies and my Downer boots. No walking/ standing pain. PLUS you're ok to walk down and up that damn hill. YOU KNOW what I'm talking about if you've been to HOB Sunset Strip.
I felt like some big boobed, mean/miffed, Onee chan. So I posed as such. LOL
I think it's because of the straight hair- I feel so different when it's straight!
IDK why my eyes look so big when they're not- especially since I tightlined them (don't you just hate it when makeup isn't as dark in photos as it is in person??).

Thanks for reading/ congratulations on getting through this entire post!


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