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Bats Day at the Fun Park 2015

May 31st I headed over to Disneyland for "Bats Day at the Fun Park", or Bats Day, with my sister!
Bats Day is an annual goth gathering at Disneyland that had it's first event in August of 1999. I've known about Bats Day since high school, but this year was actually the first time I've ever gone. HERE is their website.

My sister and I left late/ didn't wake up early, so by the time we got into the park, the "main" group photo session in front of the castle was already over. It was funny because when we were walking to the tram/ waiting for the tram- getting to the park, we didn't see any other goth people. So I jokingly asked 'Are you sure it's today??'. Fortunately, I'm really comfortable wearing goth fashion. so even if it wasn't the correct day, I'd be okay with that. Put me in lolita and I'm uncomfortable as hell! It just really goes to show that goth definitely is second nature for me. Which is completely understandable since I have been dressing alternatively and black wardrobe building since middle school!

Our Bats Day schedule was to- 
1. Get the Bats Day bat cake pop
2. Ride the new and improved Matterhorn Mountain
3. Get the 60th Anniversary Mickey Balloon popcorn bucket
4. Get a Chile Cone Carne from the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land 
5. Get the Red's Apple Freeze, also from the Cozy Cone Motel 

YEP. Pretty much all food related! 
Since the cake pop was in Main Street, that was our first stop after entering. They came in three cake flavors- vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet, and were ~4-$5. 
We ended up getting two- I got vanilla, she got chocolate...



They were sooooooo sweeettt. I felt like I was gonna die after a few bites, like my stomach was saying 'NNNOOOO' immediately after. This was how far I got before I put it back in its paper bag to save for later, and by later I mean a few days later. This was actually my first time eating a cake pop, too! I was under the impression that the "cake" part would have a baked cake consistency/texture??? But this was just like eating cookie dough! The ears were marshmallow, the wings were black licorice, and the eyes were like m&m's.
It was way too much sugar for me! I can handle it in small amounts, but give me like Sweet Tea and I'm like 'BLEGH'.

BEBE DUCKS! There's tons of ducklings in the park right now, and mamas towing them around on the paths!

Here's my outfit!

Duster- forever21
Top, cage bra- nastygal
Harness- free people
Skirt- yesstyle
Boots- UNIF
Belt- hand me down
 Neckwear- tutuha, ghost of harlem
Tiara- Vivienne Westwood
My legs look like they're on the wrong sides cause you barely see that they're crossed!!

How'd that go??
Pretty well, actually!
I bought gel sole inserts so I could survive the day/night. Only when we were getting ready to leave (around 8ish, I think??) did my feet start to hurt from all the walking, and for some reason the back seam in just one boot started rubbing my ankle and blistering when it had been perfectly fine all day and most of the night.You know how when it blisters, oozes, and the spot and your sock are stuck together?? Yeah, I had that problem to deal with when I got home.

Besides that, it was great day! We got through that checklist, except for getting the Red's Apple Freeze. By the time we got hungry for "dinner" and went to get the cones, there was a cold wind blowing and I figured it wouldn't be a good idea, especially with my sister being sick. So germs, cold wind, and cold beverage= not good. That's why we ended up leaving early, too. Wasn't good for her to be out when she needed to be resting. I DID end up getting sick a during the next week, though. There was just so many germs in my house, with my sister, and then my mom getting sick right after, and between her nasty ass coughing and sneezing all over the place (we talk like that to each other, don't worry, it's cool), I succumbed after. My poor dad had to sleep on the couch for a few days because he couldn't sleep with her shaking the bed with her coughs. XDD

ANYWAYS. New Matterhorn is AMAZING. Technology, MAN. NO SPOILERS.
Got the popcorn bucket in blue
The Chile Cone Carne cone is great. Essentially, what it is/ tastes like is chili beans with meat (like Stagg Chili or something), with Fritos on top in a pretzel cone. The pretzel cone was a little chewy, but that didn't stop me from devouring the entire cone.
I'd buy it again, for sure. :)
OMG- They also have these collectable Dinoco sipper cups. THEY'RE SOOOO CUTEEEEE. I wanted to get one of them as well, but I knew my mom would kill me. We have so many Disney food containers from over the years, and no space for more!
Which is why I've got the popcorn bucket in my room.

"Outfit number two"
This is how I got out of the house cause I knew my mom would probably say some shit if she saw me in my main one (SHE HAS).
This fuzzy crop sweater was from H&M

Makeup closeup- Darker eyes and a lighter lip. It's actually not that light in person, but it's Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lolita.

I had sunglasses on for the most of the day- I bought those from Popkiller in Little Tokyo years ago.

Hair down and new lip color test. This one is Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in the shade Vamp.

Hair after a long day in the park- still pretty good!
I'm pretty proud of it too! Normally I wash it the night before, part it, and french braid it wet and let it dry naturally. That day I washed it in the morning, french braided it, and had to speed dry it with a blow dryer and defuser by sticking the tines in between the braid sections. After taking the braids out, my hair was STILL wet, though, so with curly hair/ to dry it curly, you put the blow dryer facing up under your hair, and then bring it al up to your scalp and holding it for a bit. After I finished I put hairspray on it, put a fourth of it up into the high ponytail, and then sprayed it again.
It still got frizzy, but that's just the nature of curly hair.

"I've got a big head and little arms!!"

Transcending this human body to become just hair. By the time next Bats Day rolls around I'll be like a curly, dark haired, Cousin It.

I can't wait for next Bats Day! As I said to my sister after our first Dapper Day, 'at least now we know what it's like (weather, etc), so we'll be more prepared next year!'.

Thanks for reading!

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