Monday, January 5, 2015

THE END [of 2014]

Pardon the dramatic entrance.
I wanted to do a final wrap up of sorts for 2014 in one fell swoop, especially since a few separate 'events' weren't substantial enough to merit their own individual posts.

First set of photos comes from my parents 40th anniversary. We went out to see a Led Zeppelin tribute band (Led Zepagain), so I put together an outfit that was fitting for the 70's. I think initially I planned for a skirt, but then my sister was like "wear your urban outfitters pants' and I was like OOOHHH YEAAHHHH!!!
You ever do that? Forget what you own? I feel like I do that a couple of times a year, at least.
We went on a road trip to Nor. Cal during summer break, and these pants were my 'single purchase of the entire trip' (you know how when you were a kid, and you went somewhere significant, and your parents allowed you to get ONE souvenir item, and that's it- so you had to pick wisely. That's exactly what this was), and I'm pretty happy they were! Not only are the super comfy, but the flare is awesome, and I got them on sale for $20.

This is what my hair is like naturally.
But I achieved this hair with braids, though. lol.
Because waves come out nicer/ more intact, vs. letting it air dry normally- they get frizzy.
I washed my hair the night before and did two french braids while it was still damp, unbraid when it was time to go, and there you go- mermaid hair. 

If I had a smile on my face, this would be your typical Disney princess pose. lol
The reason for the belt was too keep the pants at a high waist area, because even with the elastic waist band, they still slip. And the reason I don't want them to do that is because I'm short, and I don't want them dragging on the ground and getting dirty, stepped on, or ripped under heels.
I have to hem them, eventually. *le sigh about short people problems*

Peace sign- so appropriate, right? ;)
*is shot*

I got a new shampoo and conditioner- OGX's Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture. I think it was in a magazine ad it said that it removes built up product residue, made with sea kelp, leaves it soft and shiny, etc.
It sure did!
I was like DAAAAMNNNN!! when I took out my braids- it was hella shiny!

Lastly I threw on this lace kimono top that I also forgot I had. My mom was looking for something to put on top of her ensemble, and I was kind of offering it, but ended up taking it myself. EHEHEHE.
I also wore her cowboy boots that she passed down to me because they no longer fit her, which she actually got in the 70's, so there you go.

kimono lace top- F21
black ribbed crop top- Urban Outfitters
Hamsa body chain- got it from a local art, craft, music festival
Pants-Urban Outfitters
Boots- vintage

Then when we got back home I did this because future plans of being Bellatrix Lestrange.


Gemstone Horn tiara!
Bless we have a Vivienne store in LA. 

Deandri grey tartan set!

Moody schoolgirl looks.
Definitely me in high school.

The horns look better with a ponytail, or bun, because they sit a lot better on your head (the metal base of the horn sits flush against your skull). I found that moved around a bit with my hair down(see the difference in the first and second photos).  

This photo is just to illustrate how they work/ sit on your head.
Nasty Gal jewelry! Got some stuff from their Black Friday sale (pretty much everything black on their site is on sale. This is how you stock up on all your black clothes for the entire year. lol). 

You know, I was tempted to call the post 'Lots of hair' because of all my hair, but I didn't think it was fitting enough.

This last adventure was a two part saga! Back in the beginning of November, my friend let me know on Facebook that Fangophilia (IG: @fangophilia )was having a pop up shop at the Mack Sennett Studios in LA. I had seen some of his work on Ikeda Hirari, and being an artist myself... I gotta support the artists!!
So I drove up to the studio the day after opening day, and took the plunge for some metal fangs. My reasoning/ justification behind that decision was that you could get large natural (in color appearance)custom fangs at anytime. You can get Scarecrow fangs online, or during Halloween time at your local Hot Topic (that's when and where I got mine a few years ago). In the Scarecrow case there's a couple of powder pills that when mixed with a couple of drops of water will make the custom mold so that the'll fit perfectly to your teeth.
So I didn't want to get the regular fangs, and so I sprung for metal.
I know the price of metal, I understand the amount of hours of work you put into making jewelry/ a significant art piece in general, and like I said earlier, I believe in supporting artists, so the price was worth it.

It was like having braces again! Except this time it was for something cool~ B]

With the designer himself, Taro Hanabusa, after everything was all finished.
He's a really nice guy!

-some time passes-

My doorbell rings on New Year's Eve, and I thought it was my parents, but it was the mailman, and I saw he had an EMS package, and I knew EXACTLY what it was.

So the outer layer was the EMS package envelope, inside that was another envelope with my name on it, inside that was a small, clear plastic container, also with my name on it, and inside that was my teeth! 

As you can see, they came with my mold for storage when not in use, inside one of those hermetically sealed, sanitary bags that dentists have all their tools in when you go get your teeth cleaned. 


SO- New Year's Eve look-

I'd like to be referred to now as the Queen of the Damned, thank you. :)

So now let me tell you what wearing them feels like.
Because they're made based off of your teeth, they pop in easily because they follow the exact shape of your teeth. Notice the backs of your canines have a natural curve to them, well with the teeth on, the curve is wider/ sticks out more because your tooth is thicker, right?
So your bottom teeth don't sit in the same spot they normally do.
In case anyone isn't familiar with the process of getting braces, you're not JUST getting your teeth straightened, you get teeth pulled so there's no overcrowding (I had 4 teeth pulled), and your jaw alignment is fixed via rubber bands (FUN times wearing tiny rubber bands. (NOT that actually was the painful part). Anway, so after you're all done, you lower jaw fits right behind and against teeth on the top. My jaw has since moved back, but regardless of that, my jaw can't fully close with the fangs (literally, when I try to close it, my jaw started spasming, but really more like chattering?) on, hence the gap where you can see my tongue.
Yes, like any other pair of fangs, you do speak funny. Personally, I lisp my "s's" sometimes without these in, by that I mean that my tongue slips out with some words with "s" in them. SO NOW, with an even bigger gap in between my top and bottom teeth, it looks a lot more pronounced.
Because of the size/length of them, your lower lip does catch on them occasionally. You can't smile a half smile like in the picture above and show them fully, because, as you can see the bottom part is covered.

That's about it about that, otherwise they fit perfect on my teeth, easy to wear, and a note-
YES, they are pointy. Not too sharp that you can't wear, but in case you actually did some biting (which I wouldn't suggest because I'd imagine you'd hurt yourself be that from impact, or risk them slipping), you could definitely pierce through a few layers of skin

OK, outfit shot now-

This look would be so much better with a long skirt. I don't own one like the one I've envisioned would look the best, though. :(
Even something simple like a long black pencil skirt would look better, though.

long black cardigan- Urban Outfitters
cage bra- Nasty Gal
Harness- OS Accessories
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- UNIF Downer Boots

This photo is pretty much the only one that's actually close to actual makeup colors, and skin color. HAHAHA- MAN.
I hate it when your makeup comes out light in photos! Like- DUDE- I just put in a lot of effort to make it hella dark, and you're making it tame looking!

Outfit looked cool with a hat, too!
Still needed the long skirt, though.
Back to the teeth- your kind of stuck with this usual vampire mouth cause that's what everyone looks like with fangs on. XD

That's it! You made it!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your fangs! I'm wearing invisalign braces so I know the molding process all too well, it hurt like hell when I had it done the first time.

    1. Yeah! That was definitely a process I thought I was done with for the rest of my life
      (even though my lower teeth have gotten a little jacked up thanks to my wisdom tooth on the right side, I don't see it as an issue presently)!

  2. this whole post was major eye candy 8D

  3. Hello!
    I've been literally following your blog for ages and I've never really dared to say this ,but here it goes: I adore your blog! You have such an awesome sense of style, please keep posting cool stuff ! :)

    And btw I nominated you for the 'Liebster Blog Award' and I would be glad if you'd like to participate!

    Many greetings!