Sunday, December 21, 2014

UNIF Downer Boots

Let me tell you a story about how~
I went to UNIF's website and I saw these babies along with the text "New collection coming soon", and my immediate reaction was:

That's actually exactly how it happened. And since I saw that banner, I had been periodically checking the website for these boots to drop!
WELL- they did, and I got them immediately.

Ordered them on Wednesday the 17th, they were shipped the following morning, I checked the UPS status and said they would be delieverd at the end of the day on Friday, and SURPRISE SURPRISE, the doorbell rang around noon and there they were!

First thing I have to say about these shoes is that they are SOLID. The box itself felt heavy (4lb on the mailing slip), and my initial thought was something along the lines of 'GODDAAAMNNNN!!!' when I got it into my arms. On your feet, it's much of the same, but if your feet are well practiced from other heavy boots, or heavy shoes in general, ex. New Rocks, platform TUK's Demonia, studded shoes, etc., then you should have no problems with these. :)
Appearance wise, these are not only the perfect boot for your 90's aesthetic looks, but PERRRRFECCCTTT for your Jrock, goth looks with it's h.NAOTO, Yosuke, boxy, appearance.
They remind me of some boots MYM from GaGaalinG wore for a h.NAOTO collaboration shoot in POPJNEO from AEONS ago (2007) that I wanted the minute I saw them. So here they are reincarnated in a new American brand form.
Much like the UNIF Neo Boot, the Downers also have the same quilted horizontal stripe detailing on the top part of the boot.

5-hole straps for ankle adjustment if needed. Also, you can't tell because my room lighting is so yellow/warm cast, but the buckles are gunmetal, instead of Ye old standard silver metal buckles.

All my UNIF shoes are in a size 5, so I would definitely say these are true to size/ run normal size.

Platform/sole/heel is a dense foam, exactly the same material your 6" (15.24cm) Demonia platforms are made out of, with the same velvety feel to the touch. :)
The height is 4" (10.16cm).

You've got plenty of traction with this workman's boot type tread on the bottom!

A couple photos showing the buckles undone:

Finally, a few 'On Feet' photos, because I personally like to preview shoes I'm looking to purchase on someone's feet to get a general idea of how they'll look on my feet, if possible.

My only complaints are that the platforms already have a worn look to them. Like Demonia platforms, when you scuff them against a surface, or even against themselves, that velvety texture gets rubbed off, and you get lighter patches on your platforms. Mine already have some light patches, so I wonder if they acquired them in transit from the rubbing against the dust bag???

Second, you may have noticed in the "foam sole" photo with my thumb... to the right of my thumb there looks like a little hole/ gap in the glueing of the platform. It's a little more noticeable on the left boot than the right, but shows that the pieces weren't cut/don't sit exactly flush together. I don't think it'll cause any trouble in the future, but let's hope that will be the case!

Despite that stuff, I'm still completely happy with these boots because they were exactly what I was looking for- a chunky boot that I could coordinate with a wide variety of different outfit looks.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this!! I appreciate it so much! I defff agree it is so helpful and I often must see shoes (especially platforms) on someones feet before purchasing them because they can sometimes look so different. Thank you for this!!!

    1. Glad to have helped, Brittany! And I'm happy I'm not the only one who likes to see shoes on people's feet before buying.
      If only all sites could be like Solestruck, and have the ~10 second long clip of a model walking around in a pair of shoes- it's SO helpful!
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I love your review! Currently so obsessed with these! Ugh. Do they run a little big on you? Cause solestruck mentioned it fits about a size large, and I'm usually a 5 so I can't size down anymore :/ I just want to know if these would be wayyy to big for me.

    1. Hello, Regina!
      Yes, because of the shape of the boot, they do fit large, but not terribly! My toes end where the the top of the quilted pattern, first semi-circle starts, so the rest of the toe portion is empty.
      I also measured them, and from the toe to the back on the inside is 22cm (when 5's are stated as being 21cm). That being said it's not too bad because they have room for swollen feet. Be that you got them from wearing heels/ platforms the previous day, walking all day, little water intake, or you went running in the morning (like me. lol).
      If it really bothers you (personally, it doesn't bug me because with the straps, my foot is not slipping around), you can always wear a thicker pair of socks.
      I'm glad you brought up not being able to size down anymore, because I was thinking about that myself, since I'm in the same boat. If a size down option was available/ UNIF made size 4's, I don't think I would go for it because at that point I think they would be too small, because I feel like my toes would be rubbing against the inside of the front of the shoe. I already have that problem with my Hellbounds, and after prolonged wear my toes start feeling pinched.
      I hope that helps!

  3. Omg thank you so much for your careful and detailed feedback! I really really appreciate it. I think I'm gonna get these bad boys now knowing that at least my feet won't be sliding around in them, because that was my biggest concern. I'm also planning on getting the hellbounds in black and mermaid pink (if I can find them)! Ahhhh so many shoes, so much to save up for. I'm so in love with Unif right now, can't even.

    I really enjoy your blog girl, keep it up! ;)

    1. Happy to help! Let me know how they work out for you when you get them (I just want to hear that they ultimately do work out for you).

      Good luck with your search for the mermaid pinks! I think you're really just stuck with the option of trying to buy them used. Maybe you could leave an ask for UNIF on tumblr or shoot them an email and ask if they're planning a rerelease. I'd imagine they'd go for it if they know there's a market out there willing to get them. I feel like there's probably a lot of people who missed out, and still want them. They're such a pretty color!

      Thank you very much! Will do! <3