Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dapper Day Fall Soiree 2014 at Disneyland

I just watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, shit movie, don't even get me going on it-
but that's not the point-
My point was 40's fashion, and the itch to dress up in that style has been rekindled!
Dapper Day Spring, March 1, 2015 event is be here before you know it, and I'm ready and waiting!
But before that, I might as well post about this Fall's event before this year is up.

This year my sister and I got Twilight tickets again, as to escape the heat, as we were introduced to at the Fall 2013 event.
Well, we definitely did NOT escape it, but I was telling her the advantage of having that previous experience under our belts was that we knew how much effort to put into hair and dress, knowing what heat and consequently, perspiration, would do to both of them.

SO I didn't even both with hair- I just did I side twist with my hat and called it a day. LOL
 What do you know- pre event photos instead of busted up after photos.

I'm referring the left photo as the 'subtle boob reminder', because I don't think my boobs are big at all, yet every now and then I get a "subtle reminder" of their presence, say, putting on a small shirt and being like
It's annoying when all those cute crop tops are in smaller sizes only, and you're like busting out.
I'm looking at you, Urban Outfitters!

The first thing we did when we got in the park was go take some photos!
I call this one 'Jessica Alba, but not Jessica Alba'
I don't even look like her, yet for some reason this photo... IDK.
(Not Jessica Alba)
(Not Jessica Alba)
(Definitely NOT Jessica Alba)
This dress was weird- smallest size, yet baggy in the middle, and it has that weird, I don't know, like longer skort flap on top??? like??? what???
I went with it because of the lace detailing- it's not lace straps, but they attach together via a button and it has an open back detail.
Random factoid- my hair kept getting caught in said button and in some of the prongs in the necklace, and consequently had to be fixed multiple times during the day cause ain't nobody got time to deal with random ass hair strands hanging out.

Unlike last year, Disneyland was already decked out for Halloween, and that day (Sept. 12th) was the first official day of Halloween Time.
Some people were complaining about that in the tag on tumblr.
I was like DUDE- three words
Can't complain with that!
I LOVE Halloween Time!
Haunted Mansion all decked out thanks to Sandy Claws.
SooooOOooooOOoo pretty at night. The atmosphere is the best.

Check out how wicked the gingerbread house in the dining room was this year-

It's like a medieval torture device/ iron maiden! The doors swing open and you see they're like with sharp candy canes (you know how those shits can turn into weapons when you suck on them), and the gingerbread man starts shaking when they begin to close.
King Arthur Carrousel ride at 8pm is a traditional Dapper Day gathering spot.

Last photo when I got home- sunglasses are a must for Fall- so this was me pretty much half the time we were there- looking like some villain.


Thanks for reading!

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