Sunday, November 9, 2014

Combichrist @The Glass House w/ William Control, Darksiderz, and Davey Suicide

WHAT a fucking night, and what a fucking treat!
Might begin with I almost feel like I can die happy now due to the sole reason that I've been wanting to seeing CC live for a while now, and now I have, and it's like"Ah- soul cleanse/ soul at peace". I'm not even exaggerating, because the struggle to get tickets has been real. The last time I saw Combichrist was back when Rammstein played at The Forum, whenever the fuck that was, idk- eons ago. And I made the mistake of not getting tickets the last time they were in LA w/ Aesthetic Perfection after the date was announced. I think maybe a week before the show, I thought, 'right, I should get those tickets', and they were fucking sold out.
Same with this show- I didn't buy them immediately, and I thought I got screwed over again (seriously, goddamnit, I was so pissed off at myself- like it's not fucking difficult, just buy the fucking ticket if the date works, DAMNIT), WHEN SUDDENLY Sept. 29th, they post they've got tickets through Glass House.
So I jumped on that shit, posting a Facebook status calling out to Julie Doll, and a friend from high school saying:
"YOOOOO _(@name tags)__, I'MMA BUY 2 TICKETS. THIS IS MOTHERFUCKING HAPPENING THIS TIME." (aka- one of you is going with me)
So I got the tickets, did nothing for my birthday (sick +school +no one to celebrate with), but didn't even care, cause I got these tickets and that's all that fucking mattered to me. LOL

 Drive to Pomona was at least 2 hours. God, THAT was a mission. Not gonna get into that- not that important- lots of detours.

Got into the venue around 7:08, doors opened at 7, so we got pretty much front center spot.

First up was Davey Suicide, which also was the first time I heard of them. Apparently they're from Hollywood (sweet- locals!), and their sound is a bit....... heavy rock???
I don't think their videos do them justice- their live sound is fantastic. The singer (Davey Suicide) gives me Visual Kei vibes. Sure, besides Aggy from Deluhi (ugh. Let's not talk about Deluhi not being a band anymore, ok?), and Ruki's dreads- I can't think of any other musicians with dreads, but it's his clothing style.  Like H.Naoto- shredded clothes, mixing fabrics... ghost kei ish.
My takeaway message from the group was when Davey had a small spiel about going after the things you want in life, cause we're only here on Earth for a short amount of time, so take initiative, etc.
And I'm like:
Hahahaha- But I haven't. But I agree with the message, though!
It's like YOLO, but more poetic and well spoken. hahaha

Then he told us William Control was next, followed by Darksiderz, then Combichrist-
Nice dude- Thanks, dude!
It's nice to know the order of things when you're seeing several groups.

I'm gonna say right now before I get to Combichrist, don't take my quasi-setlists as factual.

So once William Control get's on stage, my friend says "Damn, he's hot! I'd hit that. Would you hit that?"
And I'm like "yeahhh???"

Then shit got crazy.
There was one girl in particular that kept on trying to push through, dance with people, touch people, etc.
Yeah, you're at a show, yeah you invade people's personal spaces, but don't be excessive, you know?

Onwards to shitty photos!

That's about as good as it gets! (seriously, how close did you say you were to the stage?? like 2 people away.... XD)
Reminds me of a conversation I overheard in the apple store when i went to get my USB cord replaced... some woman was like 'iphones have such good quality!! I just got mine for the camera!"
Nothing will ever compare to a DSLR.

(That one's cool...)

And what songs did they play....
Beautiful Loser, Price We Pay, I'm Only Human Sometimes, The Filth and The Fetish, I think The Velvet Warms and Binds???
That's all, I think that's it???

Best part was probably when he invited people past the boundary/ guard rail for the last song. He said something on along the lines of 'Why the fuck do we need this? Come on! Come on!'
Definitely a good live group, feels like 'hey we're all buddies', familiars, familial, etc.  Like how you tell certain things to certain people, but not to others.
That sort of situation.

After they're set was over, I met back up with my friend, who had apparently left the area.
He said 'Man, I had to get out of there'
'You know that girl (same girl mentioned earlier), she was trying to dance with me, which is fine, but then she grabbed my dick and I was like, 'fuck this, I'm getting out of here''.

Obviously, we lost our original spots, but being in the back for Darksiderz wasn't so bad! There was quite a few people dancing in the back, + more room vs only being able to jump up and down in the front.

After Darksiderz, there was a quick breakdown of equipment, and we knew the moment we'd been waiting for was coming.

Symphonic rendition of a song(don't remember, sorry, didn't write it down. That's what happens when you blog a show weeks after it happens) heralded out the guys, and that brought on the beginning of their first song,  "We Were Made to Love You".

(you knew I was in the back, so now you get to see me worm my way to the front by the progression of photos. IF THERE'S ONE THING I'M GOOD AT.... it's (kindly) worming my way to the front without bothering people)

(everybody has purple, and red, or a combination of the two, photos. XD)

So, remember when I said earlier you can't trust my setlist??

Songs I know they played, in non proper order, besides We Were Made to Love You- cause I don't remember are:

Never Surrender
This is my Rifle
Maggots At the Party
Shut up and Swallow
Blut Royale
This Shit will Fuck You Up.
We Rule the World, Motherfuckers
Sent to Destroy
Rain of Blood
Throat Full of Glass

Songs I'm not sure about are:
The Evil in Me
Can't Control
Love Is a Razorblade

At this point ( and even right after), I was listening to my collection on loop I was questioning whether or not I heard it live or imagining I did...... awkwarrddd...

Eric gave the setlist to a girl in front of me who asked for it, and a few days after I checked to see if it was online- Nope.

*Random factoid- the only time I ever got a complete setlist was when Rammstein played at the Honda Center, and I actively wrote down each song as they started. *

What can I say that I haven't already said-
I'm just going to reiterate myself- it was seriously one of the best lives I've seen.
The reason for that is that they (all the members) truly seem to be enjoying themselves, enjoying putting on a show, and genuinely having a good time with audience feedback.
OBVIOUSLY, I've never been on a tour, but I can only imagine it has to be absolutely exhausting,  and really the takeaway/ instant gratification you get is having a grateful audience that feeds you energy just as much as your pouring into putting on a show.

And that's what I felt like with Combichrist, everyone was just fucking happy, and having a good fucking time!

(original of banner photo)

During the show Andy dove into the area in front of me/ onto the people in front of me/ me as well. HAHAHA
Might've picked the spot cause there were these two huge dudes to the side, but as seen in the previous photo, everyone had their phones out.... so while he was held up.... he didn't get moved around. Felt like a one man team trying hold him up. DAMN.
Dudes asked the small people if they were alright after Andy got backed on stage, they said yeah. Seemed kind of stunned, though. I feel for them, though- I've been in that position before.
Ryouga from Born (though at that time they were still D&L), stage dove onto me.... it can definitely kind of K.O. you if you're not prepared for it.
Nonetheless....Put your phones away, man! Enjoy the show!
I was wearing high-waisted skinnies, so I just popped mine in and out of my waist when I wanted it, and didn't.
That's exactly what I did at Paganfest, too.

Literally, like the last second of the last song, I somehow got pushed/ squished through to the front row??? And then the guys started exiting the stage, as you can see in the last two photos. HAHAHAHA
I was like 'nnnnnooooooo....' just as I get in the best spot to take photos, the show is suddenly over.
Eric is hanging around, giving high fives to people in his area (left side of stage), and I'm like 'I want a high five!', so I stick around. He got to me, and suddenly handshake turned to kiss.
I'm still laughing about it cause it happened so fast.
I laughed even more when I got back home and saw I had black paint on my lips.

Got this photo with him after he exited stage.

So Combichrist is presently back in Europe again. If you've got the time, and you haven't gotten a ticket yet, check them out! A+, Definitely recommend.
Follow them on Instagram, too!
They're cool guys- they'll like all your show photos. :)


back at home outfit crap:
Full outfit + face (albeit washed out). how convenient!
Can actually see my new septum ring I got for my birthday! I said to myself "I've had my septum pierced since I was 15~16- now I'm 23, and it's about time I treat myself with some fancy jewelry.

That's about it!
Hopefully next time I am joined by some special lady friends who want to se them as much as myself!

Thanks for reading,


  1. your necklace is love *_* i havent gone to a metal concert in a loooooong time, there is just no one to go with ;__;

    1. Thanks! Yeah, every time a show comes up- I'm like 'I'm so lonelyyyyyy.... T___T'
      We need some show buddies, stat!