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AX 2014

AX 2014 came and went!
One thing I hate about AX (besides parking (good lord, SO many people park like absolute shit)) is how fast it goes by! 
Hahahaha- really! I miss the atmosphere! Everyone's so happy- lots of positive vibes- it's great!

Here's my AX'14 experience

So Day 1 was Thursday July 3rd. I ended up getting a 4 day pass at 1 in the morning of Day 1, but opted not to go because I didn't want to wait in line for badge pick up..... XD Plus My mom and sister took my car in the morning and weren't back till later, so there was no point in me going anyway.... (impossible to find parking close to the convention center)
My first day was Day 2
Got up at 5am to do my hair- didn't even last till I left at 9:45am.
Missed the Germany v. France game. 8p
I was mad because I was leaving late, I wanted good parking, and I didn't want to run into traffic. SURPRISINGLY, there was no traffic at all and I got there in like 15 minutes!
Badge pickup was a different story.
I want to say it ended up taking an hour and a half to pick up my badge? I was hoping to get it in time to get to the fashion show, but ultimately after I got to the scanning area, the computer told me I "already picked up my badge" and "go pay to get it reprinted", I had to go into a whole different line for that. I didn't have to pay because they said basically my name wasn't in the system yet because of the time of when I bought it...
I didn't get to the fashion show till maybe 11:30~11:50am, but it ended up not starting till 1pm, I think. It was pretty late- but everything worked out great for me. XD

Here's some shitty photos! I didn't get a very good spot till the second half of the show.
Swankiss girls
I wish I got a better photo- I really like the retro look of some Swankiss pieces

Melody Yoko from Kawaii.i introducing the finalists of the Kawaii leader contest
And then I moved to the front:

Ghost of Harlem girls.
I liked the styling of Happie Nuts model Satomi Akane with the maxi one-piece.

Final walk

HEY- wanna see my outfit??

The day before I put this outfit together that would fit the gothic Japanese fashion aesthetic, but also appropriate for Das Bunker later that night, too!
(I ended up wearing my Trench Highs, though.)
What's funny about these photos is that these are actually from Day 4- I didn't take any outfit photos Day 2 so I put the look together again after I got back home on Day 4. lolololol (I'm pretty sure I have told y'all I'm terrible at taking photos of myself before (or maybe I said it on everyday_vk... I'm just pretty sure I've said it)).

At Bunker I just took of the top and hat. Can't dance in that stuff! 83

Better lighting makeup:

Just wanna show you my outfit inspiration/ train of thought
Seriously, my outfit tag on tumblr helps me out SO damn much when I'm having an "artist's block"/ need inspiration. That's why I tag stuff!
 L to R- creepyyeha outfit, Lee hyori, Sayoko Ozaki
So from the outfit I wanted the sheer, bodycon and harness look, Lee Hyori hat inspo/ western vibes and long top, and Sayoko Ozaki's makeup. I was going to do a darker lip because it's Bunker, but I decided the pink lip was better. My eye makeup was actually darker/ more eyeshadow/ closer to Sayoko's on Day 2, but I don't have any photos of that (someone does, but I don't. 8] )

HEY- Here's inside the main room/ first room in Bunker. This was my first time at their new location!
Inside is kind of like... castle like? There's these ceiling high wood panels on the left of the photo with an opening for the dj booth up at the top, and on the wall there's like the medieval crest shields. Pretty cool.
We were like the first ones in because the group in front of us were all under 21. lol

I only took one photo of cosplayers- and it was a YRP group
Still gonna eventually cosplay Rikku- YEEEEEE

Day 3
Day 3 I cosplayed Sailor Mercury with the entire group of latex Sailor Senshis ALL thanks to zilla308 (cosplaying Sailor Jupiter) on IG. That's how my own IG got taken over by cosplay photos.
I had such a great time cosplaying in a group. Cosplaying by yourself is fun, but being with others is even better!
I'm short! Didn't help that I was wearing flat boots, but my feet were killing me once I put on my hellbounds, so I decided not to wear them.
Unfortunately I personally didn't get a photo of everyone, but there are tons on IG!

Sailor Moon Kelly Eden with Chibi Moon

My Instagram photos are 1000x better!! 

I got good at decorating! Got out some of that background! 8D

Last one is from chekicardphoto on IG. He takes his photos with an Instax and then has the subject decorate the card with Sharpies he provides, then he scans them and ups them to Instagram. 
I told him that it was my favorite photo of me, and that I really liked his concept of using an Instax vs a DSLR. I said a lot of people go with a DSLR for the sake of name/ image the camera has, but Instaxs have a really nice quaint quality, and an especially personal touch with the subject's decoration, and that he reignited my own desire to get an Instax for myself! 
So he sent me this better quality scan. :)

Last photo- wanna see what happens when you mess with Latex? 
Latex hickeys! 
It's cause I kept smoothing out/messing with the creases on the inner arms so I wouldn't get these- and I got them. lol No problem cause they actually only lasted a couple of days, they didn't hurt, and getting them/ wearing the latex wasn't bothersome either! I was however expecting to get a lot sweatier. LOL But it wasn't bad at all! 
And YES- it is literally like wearing a dishwasher glove, with the smell of latex gloves! 

Day 4

Day 4 I finally wore out that coord I wore in this post.
(what a poopie photo, but no worries, I took a better one at home. 83)
Hey girl, HEY!
(Her: I just came to use the bathroom, and I feel so attacked right now. (KIDDING))

home photo!

Omiko Hakodate cosplay from Kill la Kill!  O u  O
She even had the pointy teeth!

At the galaxxxy booth!
They had a good sale on the last day with a $10, $20, and $40 grab box, and the rest of the items discounted! I bought a long sleeve turtleneck crop top I saw on Day 2 with my friend that we both lusted after for $20. ehehehehe. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 
While I was there, Julie and Ari walked up, and I hung out with them. We helped each other shop. XD

After galaxxxy, we went over to the other fashion booths and I got photos of all the Ghost of Harlem booth girls. Always looking for outfit inspiration! 
She was so cute! I loved how she wore the necklace as a headpiece, and I ultimately ended up buying one for myself! 

Here's another coord of that maxi one-piece! 

Also got a photo of Swankiss producer Saaya Hayashida
So cute! I'd like to wear the style, but I don't think I'm good at cute looks. XD
They also had a good sale- everything 30-$60. 

Lastly from AX..... 
I just really wanted Zelda. XD 
I'm really looking forward to more Hyrule Warriors Zelda cosplays!

Back home- time to show you my swag! 
1. Ghost of Harlem handcuff necklace

2. galaxxxy THEX Sweatpants 
I was thinking about putting together those outfits that are like "sporty-girl" wear they were like sweats with heels, or skirts with trainers, etc. The legs say "CRUSHING CREW. That's another reason entirely of why I had to get them. lol

Aaaanndd with the crop top! 
1 year off on the date, oh well! Let me be 22 for another year. lol


Aaaand that's it. That's all my AX photos, folks!
Hope you enjoyed despite my lack of photos this year! 

Thanks for reading, 

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