Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ただいま- UNIF Trench High and Hellbound

It is I. 
(No, u cannot)

This is my 'Hey! I am alive' post. 
Not really. It's a shoe post and an outfit post. 

During the semester I got the UNIF Trench Highs from Eilatan (tilted sole), and the Hellbounds from Envi shoes. (!!!)

Just a "quick blurb" for each- if I can find a shoe on Tilted Sole, then I usually make a point to just go buy the pair in person, which is what I did for the Trench Highs. Let me tell you about this shoe..... softest leather EVER. Seriously, I'd nuzzle them like a cat if I REALLY wanted to (which I don't, cause I'm not a cat.  I just really like to nap in the sunny spot indoors, ok?). 

Easy access boot!!- can get in and out of it thanks to the zipper. 3" flatform, you can adjust the width of the boot with the laces. UNIF sizing is true to size and it's the same among all different types. Comfy, lightweight. I wore them out recently the first time to Paganfest 2014 at the HOB Sunset Strip- And they're safe to walk down steep hills~ LOL 
That hill makes me nervous sometimes. IDK. It's really steep, I haven't walked on it in a while, the last time I did I was wearing my Demonia boots (6"), and I was fine- but my friend who was wearing small heeled boots had to hold onto me while we were walking down cause she didn't want to fall. 
So it's just a pretty precarious place. 
SO- they're safe, you can stand in them for long periods of time, AND they clean up well! Some dumbass spilled there beer behind us, and while it didn't totally soak us, we got splashed, and consequently, so did my boots. Luckily you can wipe the sole down easily and it didn't stain. 

The inside has this fuzzy faux suede-ish fur type lining!!

Comes with an extra pair of white laces.

1 Bad thing/ if you happen to be unlucky like me-
If you step in gum, like I did (at my friend's house whom I carpooled with), it's next to impossible to get out because of the sole
 After using acetone to get off as much as I could(you can still see pink irl, just not in this photo. :p).

NOT an easy access boot. ROFL.
 But now, I want to say is that UNIF is really the only brand of shoes you need. I went the long way around in finding them by going through Jeffrey Campbell first, by way of the Lita.
First I hated the style of shoe altogether, then it grew on me, and I got the Litas, and thought the hellbounds were weird looking.....

That being said- The hellbounds are a gorgeous shoe, and excellently made.

Again, really quality leather and well made. This is one of those shoes where people ask- "OMG- Isn't that painful to wear?!"
Absolutely not- the arch is perfect,  and support is excellent.

One thing I wanted to point out- because I didn't expect it-
It's just a little strip (I mean duh- nut for some reason I didn't foresee it. XD)

So remember when I said earlier that it's not an easy access boot- 
I can take them off by undoing at least 4 of the hooks.
Otherwise yes, you have to undo them and redo them every time you wear them. XD

These babies come with rainbow and white laces. Which by the way, measure out to be 88"/ 223.52cm (if you want to find your own laces)!

ANND an outfit!

Before/ dirty mirror:

After/ clean mirror!!

vs. ponytail instead of a hat


Envi shoes was pretty awesome- they came in a big box that was stuffed with extra wrapping in the negative/empty space so that the actual shoe box didn't slide around. There was also extra wrapping in the box itself. I got them on sale, which fortunately they had my size (5), and size 8! Shipping was free, and it only took a few days coming from East side. All in all, good experience and I'm very happy with the condition they arrived in!

Thanks for reading AND sticking around with me!!


  1. Hi I know this is super bizzare... but what size are you in shoe?? If you're a 7 would you consider selling your trenches?

  2. Hi I know this is super bizzare... but what size are you in shoe?? If you're a 7 would you consider selling your trenches?

  3. I would be VERY interested in buying your trench boots! My girlfriend is looking everywhere for them and is a size 5!