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Lens Review- Uniqso

Hey everyone! 
I did put two new looks together, a witch and a demon, but I thought they looked too plain/everyday, so I just now deleted them from my photobucket having just finished uploading them. 8p

I had mentioned that I was waiting for my circle lenses to come in, and they finally arrived last Monday. So, here is the review!

I ordered 3 pairs from 

1.'Dolly Eye- Blytheye Grey'
2. 'I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown'
3. 'Barbie- Sasha 3 Tones Green'

Uniqso shipped in a bubble wrap lined envelope, within that were 3 separate small boxes containing the lens pairs, as well as 3 lens cases (free lens case with ever pair purchased). And a bundle of three q-tips, I don't know why.... 

Open the smaller boxes and the vials are also wrapped in bubble wrap. 

Now, here's the breakdown of each pair!! 

I've been wanting a grey pair of lenses for a while now, because I like the older/ onee gyaru looks.

I was expecting the lens to be a bit lighter/brighter, because the reviewer who did the sponsored review on the lens are a bit lighter (granted, of course there is usage of flash and editing in her photo). It does however, match the stock photo given, so that's pretty nice! I'm still overall happy with the color. 
Per usual of all lenses, takes a couple of blinks to get used to, but after that they're pretty comfortable! So far, I've only worn them for about 2 hours(I know, not very long), and I had no problems/ pain/ any feelings of discomfort at all. 
The base curvature is listed as 8.6mm on the site, but 8.8 on the vial, and the curvature of my eye is 8.6, so the measurement is either the same or slightly different- either way, makes for a comfortable fit. 
I love the pattern, the streaking, not so much the thick, black edge. 
I'm not really a person concerned with enlargement, I'm just looking for color change. My first pair of lenses that I got from my eye doctor after getting my eyes checked and measured were 14.5mm, and these are 14.8mm so there is slight enlargement. 

Okay, I've been wanting a light brown/honey/gold color pair of lenses ever since my first Happie Nuts and discovering Sayoko Ozaki, and her becoming one my favorite Nuts models. 

So, I've been hunting for a lens pair similar to her Twinkle Eyes pair, and I actually found a site where I can buy them, but they are/were wayyyy too expensive and don't even have a long shelf life. I found this pair, liked how they looked in some of the listed photo reviews, so I decided to get them! 

I'm quite happy with the color! I think they acheive the exact color I was looking for! They have a slight grey outer rim that fades into the thin black edge that makes for a nice, barely there transition. 

Of the three pairs, this pair is unfortunately the least comfortable, but not so that you can't wear them at all- just a few minutes of discomfort/ lots of blinking, and then my eyes got used to them. I wore them for 12+ (7am to nearly 8pm!) hours and had to apply rewetting drops a couple of times, but that wasn't necessary till after about 7 hours. 
The base curve is 8.6, the same as my eye, so I think that's what made the long wear time possible. They probably could've lasted longer if I was able to last longer! My eyes were getting tired after not having an adequate amount of sleep. 

Love the pattern, and the black edge size! 

Like I said, I'm not concerned with enlargement, but with these at 16.2mm diameter, the enlargement is definitely noticeable, though not too big for my eyes, I think. 

I bought these lenses as like a last minute splurge- they were one of a few other pairs uniqso was offering as part of a promo, and they were super cheap, so I was like WHY NOT. 

Despite the stock photo, the lens is actually more of a true green, with a stronger blue base rather than a yellow-green, as shown in the stock photo. Also, as you can see, there is a pretty distinct color shift between the inner gold and the outer green, as opposed to the subtle gradation (kind of) in the stock photo. 

Holy crap, these lenses are sooo comfortable- you seriously don't even feel them. You put them in, and it's like you're not even wearing any lenses at all! These lenses have to be the most comfortable pair I've worn ever, thus far. 
8.6mm base curve.

I quite like the pattern, and also unlike the stock photo, these lenses don't have a thick black edge as the stock photo shows!
With the diameter listed as 16.2mm on the site, and 16.5mm on the vial, these lenses also have a noticeable enlargement. Again, not too big for my eyes.

I am happy with all of the lenses!

Uniqso rating-

Great prices and they're definitely reasonable/doable for everyone! Especially given their promos, discounts, and ease to build up points for more discounts by buying more lenses, reviewing (comments, blog posts, videos), or even doing makeup tutorials using your lenses. 
My only communication was one-way- their staff emailing my about my order, and they are super nice, and quick respond after your order has been updated.

Reasonable! Before choosing regular shipping, it said it would take ~14+ days, and that much was true.  Though that isn't uniqso's fault. I think my only problem is packaging- even though the envelope was lined in bubble wrap, and the vials were in their own boxes also in bubble wrap, I don't like the idea of glass going in an envelope. I just imagine it being chucked in a plane with things of like weight and it getting smashed- but then again, I don't even know for sure how that whole process goes. 
Another thing is I didn't like the price jump between choosing which service you wanted your package to be shipped by. With regular shipping being (for me) nearly $8, and then by Fedex at, I think it was $24, that's a pretty big price jump considering the weight of the package, you know?? Of course I'm going to pick regular shipping! But that might suck if you need them in a rush, then you'll end up paying quite a bit! 

With the prices, discounts, service, and selection of lenses, I will definitely order from uniqso again in the future!

Thanks for reading, I hope this may be some help to someone looking for lenses!


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