Monday, November 12, 2012

Lens Review- Uniqso

Hey everyone! 
I did put two new looks together, a witch and a demon, but I thought they looked too plain/everyday, so I just now deleted them from my photobucket having just finished uploading them. 8p

I had mentioned that I was waiting for my circle lenses to come in, and they finally arrived last Monday. So, here is the review!

I ordered 3 pairs from 

1.'Dolly Eye- Blytheye Grey'
2. 'I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown'
3. 'Barbie- Sasha 3 Tones Green'

Uniqso shipped in a bubble wrap lined envelope, within that were 3 separate small boxes containing the lens pairs, as well as 3 lens cases (free lens case with ever pair purchased). And a bundle of three q-tips, I don't know why.... 

Open the smaller boxes and the vials are also wrapped in bubble wrap. 

Now, here's the breakdown of each pair!!