Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hell Yeah, Hellraiser!

I've got myself a pair of Hellraisers! 
The week before last, I did some work at my mom's office and made some money. Mum asked if I was going to buy shoes, originally I said no, and that I was going to save it all. But just her asking got a bug in my ear, and I caved (lol) and ordered Unif's Hellraiser from Solestruck last Wednesday. The day before, I went to Eilatan in the Beverly Center to check them out in person to see the construction and try them on to see what size I needed. 
They're very well made, super solid- it doesn't feel like a flimsy shoe you know is going to break/rip/tear or wear down instantly (ie. Forever 21 flats). I already knew from the reviews on Solestruck and other various sources that they were great shoes, so the checking out the construction was not my biggest concern. My biggest issue was trying to figure out what size I needed. 
My shoe size varies, anywhere between US 4 through 6, so I really wanted to try them on before I ordered them (even though Solestruck has no problem at all with you returning shoes), and I think it's fairly important that you do try them on because Unif does not make half sizes!  

I tried on a 5 (which is their smallest size) in pink with thin, OTK socks, and they were a bit big in the front and the back, but the back being the more obvious with some slipping.  Overall though, they still fit fine, it's not like they're SO big that when I walk I am putting others around me in imminent danger because they'll fly off and hit someone. I can still walk, sprint, run, etc. perfectly fine. I did want black, however, and so that's why I ordered from Solestruck because they have the black in stock, whereas Eilatan didn't (though, now they do). 

On Monday, The Fedex guy came sometime around 10am. I'm telling you, I was super anxious about getting them in my hands. I swear I was checking the Fedex track page religiously like tumblr since I got my tracking number. haha

tiny Unif box within a bigger, solestruck box

For some reason I got a bandaid too..... JUST IN CASE YOU WRECK YO'SELF TOUCHING DEM SPIKEY SHOES! 
Nah, I dunno why. 8p

Within the box, the shoes are packed in tissue paper, a styrofoam sheet, dust bags, paper for the toes, and the shape-holder 'L' things... (whatever those are called).

The shoes are 100% Lambskin leather. 

The back is lined with suede, which prevents rubbing/ eventual blistering!

Small 'heel' on the sole. 

Some of the studs have a tarnished look/ finish (ex. top four on the right)

Spike wise, I'm concerned with the three on the front/ top of the toe area because I feel like because of their placement, they might get jammed into something, ex. a stair, and fall off. 

These don't come with extra studs like Jeffrey Campbell's spiked pieces do!!! 

The only thing that bums me out is that when you look at them in a certain way, the silver on black looks like there is no spike at all! Example-

They make your feet look wide- hahahahahaha- 

The insole is plush with lots of support for the arch and bottom of your foot- super comfortable, perfect for long wear, and lots of walking! (Not in my own experience, though- I have yet to actually wear them outside(I've worn them for a bit inside). But, a youtube user wore her's to Disney World to walk around the parks, hotels, etc. and said they were perfect for all of that.) 

Overall- Shoes are great, Solestruck is great. Standard shipping on US and Canadian orders is free. For International orders, Standard shipping is free on orders over $150 (and these are $164, so Ta daa~ free shipping). Solestruck ships the day after you order, they notify you instantly when you purchase, and then again when they ship out your order with the tracking number. I went with the standard shipping, and it came via Fedex. Took a total of 3 business days (Thurs, Friday, Sat) from their store/warehouse/ base of operations in Oregon to my hands. They actually got to Fedex's storehouse near me on Saturday, but the tracker said it wasn't going to be delivered till the next business day. Great experience, I would order from them again in the future. 
These are definitely going to be my new everyday shoe. 8]

Now, there are tons of ways you can wear your Hellraisers, from casual, to dressy, to a flat out bum(IMO). So, here are a few looks I put together paired with them!! :