Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gothic Lolita Wigs Review #2

Recently, I ordered and received wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs. I don't know how many of them 'like' their Facebook page, but around September 18th, they had a promo going on where, with a code, you could get a free bob with a purchase over $39.95. I had already been eyeing the 'Long Curly Lolita-Black' wig for a future Gothic coordinate, so I figured why not buy it then and get the free wig. 
On Facebook, GLW was saying how you could say what style/type of bob you wanted, but in the end, the choice would be completely random/ a surprise. 
I ended up writing a pretty lengthy response basically saying I wanted the short blonde bob or the deep pink, and if they didn't have that, then any of the 2-tone natural colored bobs, or the blonde x pink.

I think I got the package 2 or 3 business days later, and to my joy, I got the the blonde bob. 8D 
I think I might like the bob more than the long black one! XD
Anyways, onto the pictures and the reviews!

No flash-

With flash-

Quality- 4/5
The wig is pretty much perfect (soft, bouncy, not tangly), though I think the curls are a little bit.... sporadic? By that I mean they're not uniform like how they are in the picture on the website. Granted, they would be great if you wanted to tease into like a big hair- sujimori style. 
Also, there's a spot at the base of the wig where it looks like it was sewn wonky, so the wig parts, and you can see the track. Nothing major, cause you can always rearrange the wig or pin it so the spot is not visible. 

Worn- without flash, not in direct light-

In direct light, without flash-

Color- 5/5 
I'm happy with the color, but IMO, it looks a little bit too stark for 'Natural black'. Even in naturally black hair, there is always different tints to it, and this wig is just solid black. 

With outfit-

Wig #2- Short Blonde bob (no longer on website)

Without flash, not in direct light-

With flash-

Quality- 5/5!! 
THIS WIG IS PERFECT. I LOVE IT. Texture is nice and soft, it's not overly shiny, and I think it could pass as real hair. 

extra pics-
(same outfit- different hair! XD It looks so different!)

Overall- 5/5!
I'm happy with both wigs, shipping, price, and service from GLW!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Both wigs are really cute but the blonde one is amazing! You look so pretty with that <3

  2. I love how you can pull off both of these wigs just perfectly! C:

  3. @MissVermilion
    Thank youuu!!
    Yeah- I really love the blonde one!! *__*