Sunday, January 30, 2011

“You have a face... como un burro"

Every now and then, we all have our shitty days- and I was kind of in that sort of mood Friday. 
Ever since after the Holiday Hot Mess party in December, I have been having some issues with my left eye whenever I wear contacts. It just gets extremely irritated and ANGRY red and itchy when I take them out and can stay like that for a day. SO after I wore my lenses on Thursday, it got irritated, and was like pretty much red all Friday. 
I actually do have allergies, and one of the first things that get affected by the allergens are my eyes. So I have been taking allergy pills and allergy eye drops, which provides some relief, but it’s almost like I’m constantly using them to get rid of it. Another thing that leads me to believe it’s not allergy related is that when it does get better, there is still this small pink line on the top of the white under the lid and it DOESN’T GO AWAY! (maybe a scratch from improperly sized circle lenses?? XD(FUUUUUUU)) 
My mom was saying maybe it was the lens solution, but I have been using the same solution brand that our eye doctor recommended since May when I first got them. And if it was the solution, it would be effecting both eyes, not just one. 
I actually went to the doctor’s on Dec. 24th to get it checked out, and she diagnosed it as allergies, but I failed to mention the contacts part. Then when I went again a week later for my ear infection, I told the doctor about the previous appointment, and about the contacts, and she also diagnosed it as allergies. And with the eye drops I had gotten from the first trip, the stupid pink line still is there! 

LUCKILY... Saturday morning it was okay, a little off colored, but otherwise a lot less disturbing looking. 
So, we (Anya, Midori, Jessy and I) went to Little Tokyo last night for the Grand Opening of Q pop- that store I posted a picture of from the last Little Tokyo trip. When we went that time, we knew it was going to be so crowded because the store isn’t that big. 
I started getting ready around 4, and I think I changed outfits like 4 times before I was finally satisfied with what I finally wore.  We left around 5:30 from my place so we could get there early. We got there maybe at 6- went to the bakery, then to Weller court cause it was damn windy/ chilly, went into a cafe that was there- super warm- get out- huge ass tour of Japanese girls who all look like gals- go to Q pop- told it’s open at 7, right now it’s just for “VIP”. Go into Kinokuniya, and take photos. 83

Yep- I believe the Midori will be making the Juon face from now on when we take pictures there. LMAO

I lightened this so you can see what’s going on. When we were in the cafe- like I said, it was soo warm, and when we were siting down, I said ‘I bet my hair is going to fall...’ I’m pretty sure it did, cause it didn’t look like that hot mess when I left. XD
My poor vest though- wear multiple layers under it and it looks angry and stuffed/snug.

Finally at 7 Q opened to the masses- it was so damn crowded- as expected. XD
(From Jessy)
I remind myself of a blowfish- puffing myself up to look big. XD

Then we met up with heartsnspiders and her boyfriend and went to dinner.

Jessy and Midori -I just took one dinner picture. X]

All in all- lots of fun- got some good inspiration seeing lots of people all dressed up, and lots of walking back and forth. XD

I ended up buying a pair of Algonquins shorts.
-Front- Ignore that piece of yellow string, I don’t know where the hell it came from as no one has been using yellow string lately....

-Back- It’s a skirt butt-flap! 8D


-Ruffles- (Damn string)

-Shorts- Minus the flap. As you can see, the zippers in the front are half of how you attach the flap, the other half is the buttons along the waist area.

-detached flap-

-Back- pockets on each cheek. ;]




Back (I’d like to see someone take a flattering behind picture- it’s harder than it seems. ROFL)
Something like a mullet.... ‘Business in the front, party in the back’. LMAO I don’t know how shorts could be more business-y than a skirt, though. XD

Now I need to go do my homework. Laters!


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  1. HO DAMN, I love those shorts! I'm bummed I missed the opening of QPop. ; ;